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Friday, January 20, 2017

#dividends being paid by #stocks TODAY: $OMC (2.6%) $SPR (0.7%) $AL (0.9%) $LM (2.9%) $PRA (2.2%)

Much of the return on investing in the stock market comes in the form of
dividends (especially when reinvested). Here are a few of the stocks that
will pay dividends to their owners today:

Omnicom Group Inc. (symbol: OMC) dividend yield: 2.59%, Spirit Aerosystems
Holdings, In (symbol: SPR) dividend yield: 0.68%, Air Lease Corporation
Class A (symbol: AL) dividend yield: 0.85%, Legg Mason, Inc. (symbol: LM)
dividend yield: 2.87%, ProAssurance Corporation (symbol: PRA) dividend
yield: 2.21%.

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