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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

$KLXI winning streak, up 9/10 last trading days. read more:

KLX Inc. (symbol: KLXI) is on a winning streak, it has risen in 9 out of
the last 10 trading days as of 2016-12-12. The average dialy change was
1.665%. In terms of volume of shares changing hands, it averaged 1,172,325
vs. the usual 442,091

The closing price was $46.4, amounting to a market cap of $2,440,000,000.
The stock has been trading at a range between $25.33 and $46.76.
KLXI is in the Aerospace industry. Analyst expect it to earn $1.19 per
share this year, and $1.89 next year. The 1-year target price is expected
to be $48.75

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