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Friday, November 4, 2016

$ORC winning streak, up 9/10 last trading days. read more:

Orchid Island Capital, Inc. Com (symbol: ORC) is on a winning streak, it
has risen in 9 out of the last 10 trading days as of 2016-09-22. The
average dialy change was 0.18299998%. In terms of volume of shares changing
hands, it averaged 284,685 vs. the usual 331,058

The closing price was $10.76, amounting to a market cap of $245,150,000.
The stock has been trading at a range between $7.5 and $11.25.
ORC is in the Real Estate Investment Trusts industry. Analyst expect it to
earn $0.13 per share this year, and $1.22 next year. The 1-year target
price is expected to be $11.0

Looking at its valuation, the stock is now trading at 896.67 times
earnings, 0.99 times book value, 0.0 times earnings growth (PEG) and 27.96
times sales. The dividend yield is 15.79%.

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